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In this day and age every business should have a website. It puts your company in front of an audience of millions, and allows you to project your image onto the Web. It also gives your business a huge degree of credibility.  It can perform many other tasks such as providing information on all your services, sales, specials and allow customers to contact you any time of the day or night. It can also perform simple tasks such as providing directions to your customers and giving them your contact details and support, freeing you up for the more important tasks of managing your business.  A website is your introduction to your clientele plus an advertisement for your business available for view 24/7, 365 days a year. More>>>

Mobile Web Design
Smartphones and tablets and other internet enabled devices have completely revolutionized
the way we obtain information. If your customers are using these devices to search for you or
to reach your website, then you will want to offer them the best and most optimized web
experience possible. I will design and code your mobile friendly or responsive website to load
super fast, and also look great on a smaller screen size so that your customers can get your info
and keep in touch quickly and easily when they are on the go.

WordPress Integration
Want a web design that you can easily and quickly update yourself? Are you seeking a blog as a
part of your solution? If not, then you should! I recommend a robust content management
system, such as WordPress might be what you’re looking for.

Shopping cart/ E-commerce integration

Do you have awesome products or services you want to sell on your site in a shopping cart? You
need an e-commerce solution! I can design the layout of the website along with the user
experience right from the homepage through the very last final point of sale! I can design,
develop, test and publish.

Banner Ad Design
No matter what the size, I can design the perfect web banner ad campaign that your customers
will actually want to click. Choose from animated GIF or static banners.  More>>>

Web Copywriting
Some small businesses know exactly what they want to say on their website. On the
other hand, some don’t. If you happen to be the latter, I will help find the words that escape
you. If you’re in need of search engine optimization (SEO,) I can even work in those magic
keywords that will get you found in search results.

Search Engine Optimization
Inbound marketing is the new advertising. Most people (searchers) have become imune to
search advertising. That’s why it is becoming increasingly important to rank highly in the search
results. The best way to do this is to be searchable. While I can’t guarantee that you will end up
on the first page of internet search engines like Google, I can take all the right precautions to
ensure that your website is highly “crawlable” visible to Google and other search engine spiders,
which will help to make your site more visible to your customers.   More>>>

Domain name registration/web hosting
If you don’t already have a domain name or hosting, I can be your all in one solution. I offer a
nice range of web hosting solutions, some of which include a free domain name. All include free email accounts!

Ongoing site maintenance
If your like most small business owners, you don’t have a dedicated web or development team,
and you don’t have the time or want to learn how to maintain your own site. It might just make
sense for me to do it for you on an affordable hourly rate or retainer fee. I can maintain your
website’s online presence and make any nessessary updates as often as you need them