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It's all about imagination and creativity!
I opened Jade Turtle Designs in 2003. Inspired by my jade turtle talisman, I started Jade Turtle Designs to help small businesses and individuals find success through art and design. An artist by nature, I've been drawing, painting and working with stained glass for many years. The creation of Jade Turtle Designs fuses my love for creating art with my professional web knowledge and experience. As a former IT project manager with a large telecommunications company, I worked for 10 years managing large remote hands-free software installations on more than 60,000 computers. I hold a B.S. degree in business with an emphasis in web design. In addition, I'm certified in the latest Adobe CS products, Desktop Publishing and Web Databases.
At Jade Turtle Designs, my goal is to offer quality and value. I strive to provide clients with the best service to help them meet their own business goals. My priority is to fulfill commitments and deadlines, while offering a delightful experience.  When needed, I reach out to a talented team of professional writers, network engineers and security specialists to build, maintain and support your website in a professional manner.

Custom Artwork
I also offer watercolor, graphite and colored pencil portraits and artwork, as well as custom stained glass designs. To learn more about my custom art, please contact me. I also create custom home portraits in watercolor.  For more information, please visit My Reflections of Home.
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